Potential Serious Lifetime Consequences

Being convicted of grand theft or dealing in stolen property will negatively impact your life forever.

Many arrests involve pawn shops, recycled metals and false verification of ownership. Often the victim is a parent, friend or family member.

Often a well-worded letter drafted by me reflecting a family member/victims lack of inclination to prosecute will cause the prosecutor to “drop or reduce” charges.

In Florida criminal records are rarely expunged. Future employers have access to arrest and conviction records. A conviction may cause your current employer to not trust you.

Quick Law Review

812.014 Theft.—

  • (1) A person commits theft if he or she knowingly obtains or uses, or endeavors to obtain or to use, the property of another with intent to, either temporarily or permanently:
    • (a) Deprive the other person of a right to the property or a benefit from the property.
    • (b) Appropriate the property to his or her own use or to the use of any person not entitled to the use of the property.

  • (2)(a)1. If the property stolen is valued at $100,000 or more or is a semitrailer that was deployed by a law enforcement officer; or
  • 2. If the property stolen is cargo valued at $50,000 or more that has entered the stream of interstate or intrastate commerce from the shipper’s loading platform to the consignee’s receiving dock; or
  • 3. If the offender commits any grand theft and:
    • a. In the course of committing the offense the offender uses a motor vehicle as an instrumentality, other than merely as a getaway vehicle, to assist in committing the offense and thereby damages the real property of another; or
    • b. In the course of committing the offense the offender causes damage to the real or personal property of another in excess of $1,000, the offender commits grand theft in the first degree, punishable as a felony of the first degree, as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.
812.019 Dealing in stolen property.—

  • (1) Any person who traffics in, or endeavors to traffic in, property that he or she knows or should know was stolen shall be guilty of a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in ss. 775.082, 775.083, and 775.084.
  • (2) Any person who initiates, organizes, plans, finances, directs, manages, or supervises the theft of property and traffics in such stolen property shall be guilty of a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in ss. 775.082, 775.083, and 775.084.

More About Theft & Stolen Property Crimes

Promptly retaining me to pursue every viable criminal defense on your behalf is crucial. Fact finding and witness location immediately post arrest is important to being found not guilty.

Often I can convince the police and prosecutor to not prosecute your child as an adult because of mitigating factors.

Affordable Grand Theft and Dealing in Stolen Property Adult & Juvenile Criminal Defense

My grand theft and dealing in stolen property fees start at $1,000. Juvenile fees may be less. Call now to discuss the facts of your case and my low down, pay-as-you-go fees

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