Domestic Violence Injunction/Restraining Orders

A party can obtain a temporary injunction against domestic violence, repeat violence or dating violence by completing form paperwork at the clerk of court.

I have handled hundreds of domestic violence, repeat violence and dating violence injunction hearings.

I am gender neutral. Men and women hire me. I appear before each injunction judge every week. I know “how much” evidence each Judge requires to issue an injunction. Injunctions have potential serious lifetime consequences. Injunctions often preclude employment in children, elder, daycare, education, law enforcement and healthcare related fields. Injunctions affect your right to own and possess firearms. I know how to prepare you to testify effectively and present you “in the best light” before the Judge.

Many injunctions are motivated by greed, jealousy, retribution or to gain advantage in a divorce or paternity action. Many injunctions are filed to get expedited divorce “temporary relief” (such as removal of a spouse from the marital home). I am skilled at presenting your testimony and evidence persuasively. I know how to cross examine your spouse or “ex” so the judge will not consider them credible or base a decision on false evidence presented by them.

Quick Law Review

741.30 Domestic violence; injunction; powers and duties of court and clerk; petition; notice and hearing; temporary injunction; issuance of injunction; statewide verification system; enforcement; public records exemption.-

  • (1) There is created a cause of action for an injunction for protection against domestic violence.
    • (a) Any person described in paragraph (e), who is either the victim of domestic violence as defined in s. 741.28 or has reasonable cause to believe he or she is in imminent danger of becoming the victim of any act of domestic violence, has standing in the circuit court to file a sworn petition for an injunction for protection against domestic violence.
    • (b) This cause of action for an injunction may be sought whether or not any other cause of action is currently pending between the parties. However, the pendency of any such cause of action shall be alleged in the petition.
    • (c) In the event a subsequent cause of action is filed under chapter 61, any orders entered therein shall take precedence over any inconsistent provisions of an injunction issued under this section which addresses matters governed by chapter 61.
    • (d) A person’s right to petition for an injunction shall not be affected by such person having left a residence or household to avoid domestic violence.
    • (e) This cause of action for an injunction may be sought by family or household members. No person shall be precluded from seeking injunctive relief pursuant to this chapter solely on the basis that such person is not a spouse.

More About Domestic Violence Injunction/Restraining Order

If you have questions about, have filed or have been served with a domestic violence, repeat violence or dating violence injunction contact my office for a free phone or in person consultation.

I will explain everything to you in simple terms. I will provide you a candid assessment so you can make informed decisions pending the scheduled hearing.

Domestic Violence, Repeat Violence & Dating Violence Injunction and Restraining Order Litigation for $200 per hour

My hourly rate is $200. If you have questions about, have filed or have been served with an injunction or restraining order, call to discuss the facts of your case and my low down, pay-as-you-go fees.

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